Privacy and Cookie Policy

Here you can find our Privacy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter jointly referred to as the "Privacy Policy"), and which we recommend that you ("the user"or "you") read carefully before using our website.

Our team at (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "we" or "us") has compiled this Privacy Policy as a means of informing you as to the methodology we utilize to collect, store and process anonymized data that we collect through our website (hereinafter referred to the "Website"), as well as to clarify why we use these particular techniques in our data processing.

On our Website we publish information about a variety of gaming websites and operators, as well about online gaming in general. Among our content you can sometimes find hyperlinks or advertisements that will redirect you to third-party websites (together with our Website these are hereinafter referred to as the "Services"). While links from our pages can take you to third-party sites we would emphasize that these third-party sites are independent entities, meaning that their content and data-gathering is guided by separate privacy (and cookie) policies. For your safety, you should peruse the relevant third-party privacy policies closely before submitting any data to them.

With your continued access to our Website you pledge to us your consent to our data-collection and data-handling techniques as laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Types of information collected

Non-personal Information

When you access our Services, we may gather and process un-identified and non-identifiable data from you. This is hereinafter referred to as "Non-personal Information".

Most of this Non- Personal Information may be sent out by your internet-linked device. This information may include your IP address, other online identifying data and your usage data. It may also include explicit hardware and software data, such as the type and version of your browser and your device's operating system, the language of your device, as well as when you usually access our Website and Services.

For the sake of ensuring that our Website is always upgraded and running smoothly, we may also collect data about your activities and engagement with it.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by our Website as a way of differentiating one user from another. By using cookies we can maintain the intuitiveness and functionality of our Website's design, as well as a consistently high level of performance.

A 'cookie' is a small bit of data that is generated and dispatched to your device each time you access a website. The data is a record of the choices you make on this website, ensure smoother and more satisfactory browsing. Cookies expedite the communication between our Services and the users that access them.

Here you can find a detailed description of the different kinds of cookies we use on our Website, and what they are used for:

Your continued patronage of our Website and its Services is taken as your acknowledgement and consent to the use of the above types of cookies and of the other tracking technologies that are described in this Privacy Policy. Please keep in mind that cookies do not collect any identifying information about users.

While you have the option to disable the use of all cookies by accessing your web browser's settings and choosing to turn cookies off, we would like to inform you that by doing that you may restrict the functionality of our Website and of the Services we offer.

Third-party hyperlinks

This Privacy Policy covers all Non-Personal Information you may submit to our Website, including all tracking technologies and cookies that may be issued by our Website. Any tracking methods utilized and data collected by our third-party affiliates falls under the privacy policies displayed on the sites of those affiliates. While you can access such services through hyperlinks on our Website, we have no control over these services, and as such we will not be held liable for any actions by these third-party websites. Thus, we strongly advise our users to peruse the privacy policy of each of those third-party websites separately, as any risks emerging from accessing third-party websites are knowingly and willingly carried by the user.

Data that you share with a third-party website that you have accessed via hyperlink on our Website is not covered by our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is solely applicable to the Website.

Using your information

We may use the data we gather from you for a number of different purposes, some of which have already been listed in this Privacy Policy. We may also use it for the following purposes:

We are also entitled to provide collected data to relevant parties in answer to government requests, court demands or requests by similar legal organisations, as long as these follow the applicable laws and regulations.

Sharing your information

There are a number of different reasons why we may provide your data to outside parties. These are described below, divided according to the party the information is shared with:

Third-party service providers

Your information may be provided to some of our business affiliates, so that they can proceed with their data-analysing tasks with the goal of improving our Website. Their tasks consist of collecting, processing and diagnosing information and the performance of the Website.

The anonymized information that we provide to our third-party partners is treated in the same way as we treat data internally, following the processing and security measures listed in this Privacy Policy and obeying all relevant laws.

Other disclosures

Other entities that may be given restricted access to anonymized data may include our advisers, auditors, and any potential buyers and investors in our Company. Such data may also be accessible to our third-party partners and subsidiaries where this will lead to an enhanced performance of the Website.

If the Company becomes part of a merger, a large business share transaction, or the purchase of a business or asset, it may also share data with the parties that will be involved in such corporate dealings.

Apart from the above situations, the Company may also share data if it is found to be required in order to comply with a legal obligation, governmental query or relevant law; if it is believed to be helping to enforce any legal rights such as those of intellectual property; if it will help to cooperate in taking legal action against illegal transactions, such as security concerns and probably fraud; and as a way to endorse our internal policies, exercise our right to contesting legal claims, and preserving the security of the rights of the Company, its users, and its third-party affiliates.

Information retention

The anonymized data we collect is only stored while a user is accessing our Services, followed by the expiration of the legal period demanded by our policies for sake of security and our observance of the relevant laws. When you share your data with us, you also consent to our Privacy Policy and the methods it describes for collecting and processing your data. All reasonable efforts are then made to ensure that such data is safe and secure at all times as per all the conditions that are listed in our Privacy Policy.

Security and transfer of information

We spend a lot of time and effort on ensuring that both the users and the Company are sufficiently safe and secure by monitoring our safety procedures closely. We follow the industry-wide playbook of security measures to secure information transfers and to prevent any unauthorised access to our data. Since we endeavour to take all reasonably necessary steps to ensure the safety of our data, we do not take any responsibility if there are any data leaks or exploitation of our Services.

It is unfortunate that information transferred over the internet cannot be 100% secure at all times. While we do our utmost to provide users with trustworthy transaction methods and to store information in a secure manner, the security of transmissions over the internet cannot be guaranteed by us, and so the risk of any such transaction is carried solely by the user.

The Company is an international organisation that spans beyond the European Union (the "EU"), and as such is monitored by laws originating from a number of different countries. Occasionally information may have to cross country and EU lines to and through areas where the data protection and gaming laws are not as comprehensive as those within the EU. In such situations, the Company will endeavour to provide your data with an equivalent level of protection and security no matter which laws it falls under at that moment. When you access our Services you also give us your informed acknowledgement and consent to our processing of data according to the procedures described in this Privacy Policy.


It is essential to stress that users that are below the age of 18 are legally prohibited from utilizing our Services. Our Website and Services are geared towards users that are above the age of 18.

Privacy Policy updates

We strongly advise you to regularly review this Privacy Policy in order to be aware of any updates that may be made, with such updates carried out whenever the Company considers them necessary. You will always be able to find the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy on our Website.

Your continued patronage of our Website and Services after a notification of Privacy Policy update is considered equal to giving us your informed consent of such changes.

Information about us

If you have any questions about our Services, about our operation of the Services, or about the processing of data, do not hesitate to contact us.