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Slots game players like a little bit of the old with the reels and some of the new with video slots. Whether playing for pennies or maximum paylines, we have all of the options with our group of websites. Casino players have never had so many options.

Whether players enjoy the ability to play a few pennies at a time or max bet on a video slot machine, players want the options. Our recommended websites have those options, with everything from free slots to those boasting of huge jackpots. Players no longer need to travel to a casino to experience the fun of slot play, as the Internet offers all (and more) options than any live casino, and all from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

Get in on the action right now, as bonuses can get you started with your first real money deposit. Whether playing for fun or more, we have all of the slot game options that you could want in a virtual casino.

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So many game choices for every type of player

Almost all players who are new to online casinos enjoy the option of free slots, as they can log on, play without even fully downloading the website, and compete for free on a number of slot machine options. But the best part is that when they find the sites and games that they enjoy most, they can easily deposit funds and begin playing on the larger portion of the site, with options ranging from penny slots to multiple payline virtual machines with jackpots and bonuses.

Canadians and players around the world have discovered the wide variety of options that online slots offer. Slot machines offer the fun of a casino without having to wait for your favourite machine, having to deal with the germs of everyone else who touched the machine before you, and waiting for a casino employee to pay you the jackpot winnings. Everything is at your fingertips online, and players love that convenience and fast play option. Log on today and find the site and game that suits you, and start winning right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are slot games?

For those that don't already know, slot games are based on yesterday's one armed bandit machines, sometimes referred to as fruit machines. It's a game of chance, based on winning combinations of randomly generated symbols. Hit a winning combination and get your win. They are also a great addition to any land based or online casino as their non-quantifiable odds add an extra element of excitement.

How do they work?

Modern slots machines are generated by a computer which randomly picks out the number lines that determine the outcome of your game. Online jackpots aren't due since there is no machine to fill up, and slots don’t blow hot and cold or operate on a cycle pattern to pre-determine its pay outs.

Are there many different options for players?

Options available to the modern day online slot player include, but are not limited to, playing for free or for real money. Game varieties including three or five reels and types of game include video slots for themed gaming and penny slots for online fun play.

What games are the most popular?

Always popular with new players is the free play option where nothing is staked or won. Often when players decide on a favourite game, they up the ante and begin playing for real money with either penny slots or multiple pay-line games. We have recommended the best sites for you where you will find all the options presented here.

What games have the best odds?

The beauty of playing online slots is that there is no math involved so there are no odds to overcome. This is why slot machines are the most popular at any casino, online or land based.

Which ones offer the best jackpots?

The best bonuses and juiciest jackpots are progressive. Progressive jackpots are formed by the accumulated losing bets totalled in to one massive pay out. Like a snowball, the more it collects, the bigger it becomes until one lucky winner collects the whole pot and the number resets to zero before going again.

Should I choose a regular or progressive jackpot game?

That really depends on what your desired outcome is. If it's the biggest jackpot you want, than stick with the progressive jackpot as the collection pool will be bigger. However, if you prefer a pre-determined winning pot then regular jackpots are a good option.

Can I play for free?

Online you can! This is the only area you can play for free, but it is well worth it for various reasons. Firstly, and importantly, this allows you to practise before staking any money. By practising you can learn how pay-outs work, understand betting limits and payline options.