Break Da Bank Again Slot Review

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It must be every gambler's dream to 'break the bank" and walk out of the casino, if not with all its money, at least with most of it. Craps and blackjack players have been known to temporarily shut tables down because the house ran out, or was afraid of running out, of money. So shouldn't lucky slot players be able to do the same?

Microgaming apparently thought so when it came out with the online slots game, "Break da Bank." To no one's surprise, the game was a huge hit, as slot players logged on in droves to see if they could do just that.


Updated June 2024

Break Da Bank... Again

On April 1, 2008, Microgaming released a bigger, and even better, revised version of the game, this time encouraging one and all to "Break da Bank Again!" But this was no April Fool's joke. Just like its predecessor, Break da Bank Again struck a resounding chord with its audience, including countless Canadians, capitalizing on the one theme any gambler with a pulse has to love.

Break da Bank Again is a 5 reel non-progressive jackpot slot machine with 9 paylines. By contrast, the original Break da Bank had only 3 reels and 5 paylines. The symbols on the reels are the bank vault and all the valuables you stash there.

Your Mission: Break The Bank Without Going Bust

Unlike some slot games, which are multi-faceted and confusing, Break da Bank Again is one game where, from the moment you log on, both the theme and your mission are obvious. Forget knights in shining armor, paranormal characters, animals with human powers, and mythical monsters with unpronounceable names, every component of this timely slot game is about one simple thing only, making money. The massive bank vault, shiny gold bars, stacks upon stacks of gold coins, piles of glittering jewels, and high playing cards that appear on your computer all call your name. You want it all, every bit of it, and you want it now!

The minimum bet of 1 cent won't make a dent, but at least it makes the machine affordable for low stakes players with limited bankrolls. However, you can bet up to 90 coins per spin, 10 for each of the 9 paylines. The maximum bet is 10 quarters on each of the 9 paylines, for a total ofC$22.50.

Break da Bank
Whether or not you're familiar with the original, you'll love the rush of breaking da bank again.
Break da Bank
Experience the thrill of spinning reels filled with jewels, gold, and even stacks of Benjamins.

The Symbols That Get You Paid!

The wild symbol is the Break da Bank Again symbol. Since it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol, it has the potential to turn losing spins into winning spins. Also, any wins associated with the wild symbol get multiplied by either 5 or by 25.

The scatter symbol is the bank vault. Two, anywhere on the machine, give you an instant win of double your bet. You get 15 free spins each time that 3 scatter symbols show up, 20 free spins when 4 scatter symbols show up, and 25 free spins when 5 scatter symbols show up.

Use Bonus Games to Break da Bank

There is no progressive jackpot. The highest fixed jackpot (assuming a maximum bet) is 75,000 coins for five wilds. However, with the right combination of wild symbols, scatter symbols, and free spins all working for you together, you can conceivably win five times that amount. You could win as much as 375,000 coins!

Any win in Break da Bank on a working payline also activates the Gamble Bonus Game. First you have to make a choice, either take the money and run or gamble it. If you pick the latter, a card is dealt to you face down, and you need to guess either the colour or the suit. If you are wrong, you lose whatever you just won. If you guess the right colour, your winnings are doubled. If you guess the right suit, your winnings are quadrupled!

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