Cosmic Fortune Slot Review

Cosmic Fortune free game placeholderHold tight while we load up Cosmic Fortune

This 5 reel, 15 payline video slot from online casino game developer NetEnt will see you navigating the universe to blast away aliens in a bid to spin the reels and win real Canadian dollars.


Updated May 2024

Five Times The Fun

NetEnt have upped the stakes with this space themed slot which sees Canadians play for real cash and the opportunity to score big wins with 5 different jackpots on offer, three of which are progressive. Though the overall tally of the progressive pots don't quite reach the life-changing sums of real money you can win in other popular progressive jackpot online slots, the one in five ratio is a nice sweetener. Plus, smaller wins are frequent throughout the main slot game, so all in all, Cosmic Fortune offers online slot gambling fans a nice little earning potential.

Out Of This World Jackpots

Reels take on a ball bearing style in Cosmic Fortune, which sees space themed symbols such as rockets, the moon, and alien creatures combine to make winning combinations, and the chance to advance to a fun bonus level.

After you've adjusted your bet level and the coin value you want to wager, you can elect to spin the reels, where you'll see the ball bearings drop down and stack up, rather then spin in the traditional slot style way. Any winning combos will be struck through and the balls removed, at which point replacement ones will drop down to fill in the gaps left behind. This is nice as you can automatically win again, without having to spin the reels another time, making it quicker to build up your bankroll without having to wager each time.

Landing 3 scatter symbols (balls with an 's' on them) in the main game will earn you 10 free spins, during which time you'll qualify for an additional 5 for every scatter that appears in free spin mode. This is a great feature we discovered whilst conducting our Cosmic Fortune online review, it sees you score a few nice wins and if you're lucky a chance to advance onto the bonus level.

Cosmic Fortune
Some nice caption about why this game is exciting
Cosmic Fortune
Some nice caption about why this game is exciting

In the bonus round you'll watch as any wining paylines you collected in the free spins game drop down from a spaceship as marbles, with the aim to net as many into the cups waiting below as possible. This game takes on a pinball style element, with the marbles having to navigate down past alien markers on their way to the prize cups at the bottom of the screen. Again, this is a nice way to clock up some coins quickly and if you happen to hit the jackpot collector cup 3 times then you'll enter into the jackpot game. This is where you stand to really cash in.

The jackpot game essentially works the same as the bonus one before it, only this time you're playing for one of five jackpot prizes (three of which are progressive). You'll have 50 marbles in which to net one of these prizes, and like with the bonus round, it takes 3 of them to land in the jackpot cup to secure it. The jackpots are organized by name, with the biggest prize pot of them all being the Mega Jackpot. Bag this and you're in for some sweet Canadian dollars.

Mobile Cosmic Fortune Online Slots: The Galaxy In Your Pocket

Like all of the best online slots developed today Cosmic Fortune online slots are available as a mobile app version from iPhone and Android marketplaces, with features integrated to be compatible with touch screen smartphone technology. The mobile version is specifically optimized for gaming on the go, and Canadians who enjoy online slot gambling while out and about will find Cosmic Fortune perfectly satisfies this requirement. Even if you don't own one of the most sophisticated mobile devices, it's still possible to play Cosmic Fortune, for real cash, or fun, by logging into the website version on your smartphone or tablet.

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Cosmic Fortune Reviewed - Hit or Miss?

There aren't many online slots out there that offer progressive jackpots, not to mention three of them alongside two regular ones as well. In that regard Cosmic Fortune really does have an edge, and the fact that wins throughout the main game are forthcoming too is also a benefit. It's not the most visually exciting slot, and traditionalists might not like the ball bearing style drop approach that replaces the spinning reels that are a famous feature of casino slots, but it is engaging enough and the bonus and jackpot levels are a great feature that help you to notch up some quick real cash wins. So, after conducting our Cosmic Fortune review we can congratulate NetEnt on a well put together game with brilliant prizes.

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