Review of Monty Python's Spamalot Slot

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For a full throttle Monty Python experience, complete with the Knights Who Say Ni, and the Quest for the Holy Jackpot – enter into this Spamalot themed slot. If you understood the last sentence, then this game will have you hooked! It is, as the saying goes, “Not An ordinary Jackpot Game!” Confused? Spamalot is the name of the theatrical show, still running today, based on the most well loved of all the Monty Python movies, The Holy Grail. This English cult classic made huge waves throughout the English speaking world, and has a strong niche following in Canada – as proven by the popularity of this game!

Fans of the show, movies or broadway performance will enjoy the immersive intro into the nostalgic game, as it's a full pipes and whistles affair, revisiting some of the most memorable scenes of the classic comedy. If you too can't get enough of this cult classic, try out Playtech's homage to the show through one of our recommended casinos. But first, read on about what makes this game so tempting, that its making new fans throughout Canada.

Monty Pythons Spamalot
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Updated June 2024

The Overview, Set Up and Jackpots

This five reel, 20 line slot has two bonus games, and the chance to win an incredible progressive jackpot. With a huge devoted following, the growth of the progressive is astronomically fast. It suits any budget, as you have the chance to bet from 0.01 to 1.00 per line, meaning that you can only bet up to 20 per spin coins per spin, however, you can set the amount you would like the coin value to be worth. This allows all people with a wide range of budgets to be involved. Considering that there's a progressive jackpot that starts at 400,000 and can reach far into the millions mark, there's no lack of prizes to be won. The other, Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot beings it's progressive climb from around 100, and as you can imagine, this jackpot is emptied far more regularly.


The lower paying symbols in this game range from the standard 10 through to Ace, however what you really want to look out for is the face symbols. The high value symbols include character avatars from the musical – the fair Lady of the Lake, Sir Robin and Sir Lancelot, and the man himself, King Arthur. Within the base game, Arthur provides you with the biggest win. You need five of him along an active payline and you will will 600 coins. While it's not progressive jackpot levels, its still a tidy sum for a base game prize.

How to Gain Entry to the Bonus Rounds

In order to enter into the free spins round you need to score three Scatter symbols. If you manage to hit 5 Holy Grail symbols in the middle reel you will be entered into the bonus game. This has six levels to progress through, with the final round giving you the chance to win the Holy Grail Jackpot, or the Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot. Be careful though, because at any moment you might be crushed between the weight of an enormous foot, eliminating you from that round of play.

Monty Python's Spamalot Slot
You don't have to be familiar with the popular musical comedy to appreciate this action-packed slot.
Monty Python's Spamalot Slot
If you enjoy quirky sound effects, great graphics, and wacky bonus features, you'll love this game.

Extra Bonus Games

There are also 4 different bonus games. These are activated by spinning the bonus symbol into both the first and final reel. They appear in a set order, with ascending cash prize reward value, so it's worth sticking it out. The first bonus feature is called “Storm the Castle”. You have to choose between six prizes. Then the Knights shuffle them up and your prize is revealed. During this round, based on the famous French castle scene, a Frenchman will be launching cows at you. If you are squashed by the bovine beast, your round is over and you return to the base game.

The second bonus game is called “None Shall Pass” that begins with a generous 5 x multiplier where you attempt to hack a limb off the Ridiculously Brave Night. The third game visits the “Knights Who Say Ni”, this operates as a kind of auction. You sell a shrub to the Knights and they offer you a cash prize. However, if you think the next will be higher, you can risk it and ask for the following one. Bear in mind you only get 4 chances! The final and best bonus game is the “Killer Rabbit Bonus.” You need to try to navigate your night safely across the rocks, without being eaten by the killer rabbit. Of course, the further you progress, the bigger and better your rewards will be.

Our Experts Say

While this game isn't for everyone, it certainly has its dedicated fans. It's not overly rewarding in the base games, but the side bonus games and features are a lot of fun, and the progressive jackpot keeps it tempting, for both high and low rollers.

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