Secrets of the Amazon Online Slot Review

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Congratulations of discovering the lost Secrets of the Amazon, a slot game that keeps you entranced from the very first moments. The loading screen beckons you - an Amazonian woman, complete with a flower in her hair looks enchantingly out at you. We all know the stories and legends from Greek mythology that goes along with these fierce and proud matriarchs. Masterful hunters and defenders of the tribe, these women were said not be permitted to wed until they had defeated and killed a man in battle.

This highly volatile slot reflects the all or nothing vibe law of the Amazonian jungle. It's entirely possible that you could lose everything in 100 spins, but if the ladies of the Amazon are on your side, you could win up to 50,000 times your wage in one spin. Are you ready to risk it all to conquer the Secrets of the Amazon from your hometown in Canada? Read our review to find out how to win and discover what our experts really thought.


Updated June 2024

Stunning Graphics

This game is graphically beautiful; it cannot be faulted. From the sensuous Amazonian, to thee leopards, panthers, vibrant birds of paradise and the vivid exotic reptiles on the symbols, you are sure to be enchanted. The jungle backdrop accompanied by the trills and snarls, and rhythm and beats of the jungle life makes this a truly immersive experience.

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Gaming Configuration

Depending on your budget, you can have access to up to 20 paylines on this 5 reel game. Betting starts at 0.2 coins and ranges all the way up to 200 - meaning that Secrets is accessible to a variety of budgets and betting preferences. We recommend that you try to space out your bankroll for at least 200 spins a round, if possible, as that is around the peak point where you will start to fully see the profits and benefits of the game

With an incredibly generous RTP of 95.28% this high variance game will defy our expectations. New slot enthusiasts, casual players and those who like to slowly amass a profit while seeking the larger wins will have the most fun with these games. The bonus rounds aren't guaranteed profit makers, like some other Playtech games, but this is because the rounds come up much more regularly: it's surprisingly easy to enter them. This makes the game a more enjoyable, playful experience, however, for players who like playing by hitting 500 plus spins on autoplay - it might be a little frustrating. That being said, the potential to have up to 50 free spins is not to be sniffed at. On top of that, every consecutive free spin increases your multiplier by 1 - meaning that you could be getting 50 times your win by the end of the free round. Let's take a closer look at that sought after bonus round.

 Secrets of the Amazon
This gorgeous rainforest themed slot has brilliant graphics, huge multipliers and free spins.
 Secrets of the Amazon
Thanks in part to the dramatic soundtrack, every spin of the reels feels like its own adventure.

The Hidden Bonus of the Moonflower

In order to gain entry into the hidden Moonflower bonus round you will need to unearth 3 of the white flower of paradise Scatter symbols. As already mentioned, this is relatively easy to do. Once activated, you must choose between 3 of the moonflowers; this determines the length and intensity of your round. One flower offers 3 scatters and the opportunity to have between 5 and 15 free spins, the other gives you 4 scatters and 8-18 spins, and the final option, if you are lucky enough to get it, will give you 5 scatters and 10-20 free spins. Of course the first option is the most common. However, you do also have the potential to re-trigger the bonus, and with the multiplier increasing every spin, that's where you have the chance to gain the sought after 50 times multiplier bonus.

The Concluding Verdict

What more can be said about this captivating slot game? It's thoroughly enjoyable, with a gorgeous theme and regular access to bonus rounds to keep you itching to press that spin button once more. The Secrets of the Amazon won't be a secret for long, as word of this Playtech original gets out. Players would do well to remember that this slot is high variance, and so, fairly volatile. You will usually find you are either in favour with this game and raking in the cash, or utterly out of favour and watching your bankroll slowly deplete. If you have the patience, prove your worth and there's a chance that your luck just might change for the better.

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