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If the 2008 blockbuster film, The Dark Knight and its 2012 sequel, The Dark Knight Rises, only whet your appetite for more Batman, Microgaming has just the ticket. Dark Knight Slots offers the exciting opportunity to not only see your favourite characters from The Dark Knight in action again, but to make money while doing it.

But that is not the only reason why The Dark Knight has become the online slot game of choice for so many slot players all over the world. Stacked wilds and 243 ways to win might also have a lot to do with it. So might the fact that The Dark Knight is a linked progressive jackpot game, offering even more chances to win with not one, but four steadily building jackpots. Then, once a jackpot is hit, the meter is reset to the starting value and the chase for the big money begins all over again.

The Dark Knight is no longer available for free play, try Thunderstruck II instead. You can also find more free games here

Two of the jackpots are small, so they are hit and reset often. The major and mega jackpots are won less often, but that only allows them to get even bigger, to the point of being life changing, by the time they do hit again. Not even the joker in the game can deny that The Dark Knight has the potential to dole out some serious money.


Updated April 2024

The Dark Knight has Something for Everyone

The Dark Knight is an innovative 5 reel online slot game that casino software giant, Microgaming, launched in 2012, based on the premise that many slot players were Batman enthusiasts, too. What sets the game apart, though, is that in addition to a great theme and the attention getting features of other tremendously popular slots, The Dark Knight offers even low stakes players the prospect of winning staggering sums of money.

Today’s casinos are filled with slot machines that still use traditional paylines. Nobody has to tell you how frustrating they can sometimes be, when you come so close to winning big, but instead come up empty. The Dark Knight, on the other hand, completely dispenses with traditional paylines.

Instead, a winning combination occurs anytime the same applicable symbols appear on consecutive reels from left to right regardless of their position on each reel. What this means for you is 243 different ways to win! Without traditional paylines to worry about, wins of all sizes, including the various fixed jackpots, become a lot easier to achieve. The only downside is that even the fixed jackpots are disappointingly small.

Another major selling point of The Dark Knight is its link to four massive international progressive jackpot pools. For example, while you and thousands of other Canadians are playing The Dark Knight, thousands of Australians could also be online playing either The Dark Knight or another linked slot game. Every single bet sends the jackpot meters inching upward. Sooner or later, someone is the lucky winner of the whole kit and caboodle, at which point the whole process starts all over again.

 The Dark Knight
Based on the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight slot is even more exhilarating than the film.
 The Dark Knight
This Microgaming title captures the magic of the movie and features big progressive jackpots.

High Stakes Wins With Low Stakes Risk

You won’t risk your whole bankroll going after these jackpots because The Dark Knight is not a high stakes game. Because of the tie-in to the progressive jackpot pools, The Dark Knight cannot be played for free. The machine accepts either 1 or 2 cent coins, with the minimum bet per spin set at 30 cents.

The maximum bet per spin is C$6.00 (300 2 cent coins). If you wish, you can also bet more than the minimum but less than the maximum by increasing your bet size, as desired, in 30 coin increments. Lowering your bet size does not in any way affect your 243 ways to win. However, in this game, because the largest possible progressive jackpot is the main objective, if you can afford to bet the maximum, you should.

Look for Dark Images in the Special Symbols

You will never get bored playing The Dark Knight. Graphics from the blockbuster movie appear in the background of the reels, but a special cinematic spins feature can make the reels disappear so all you see onscreen are clips from the movie. Also, each time you spin a winner, your favourite Batman characters become animated, cheering you on with music from the movie and awesome sound effects.

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The Dark Knight logo is the game’s wild symbol. One of its features is to substitute for other symbols and thereby turn non-winning spins into winners. It is also the symbol associated with the base game’s largest fixed jackpot. If 5 of them appear on a single spin, you win 2,000 coins. However, the Dark Knight logo is also a randomly stacked wild, meaning that at any time, you have the possibility not only of a whole reel turning wild, but the whole machine turning wild!

The scatter symbol is a blend of the batman’s logo and the joker’s face. Usually, the wild symbol is the one that will pay the most money for 5 on a single spin, but in this case, the scatter symbol takes the honor by dispensing as much as 15,000 coins.

Anytime the scatter symbol appears on at least 3 reels, that triggers the bonus game-15 free spins and all winnings doubled. However, while the free spins are playing out, the batman-joker combo could randomly appear again and give you more free spins and up to 5x winnings.

Saving the best for last, if it’s really your lucky day, following a base game paid spin, a bonus wheel will appear. You decide who you want working for you, the Dark Knight or the Joker, and spin the wheel. Where the wheel lands will determine what size jackpot you win. The smallest jackpot is the mini, paying at least C$10. The next size is the minor Jackpot, paying C$100 or more. Then comes the major jackpot, paying C$10,000 and up. Finally, there is a mega jackpot with a starting value of C$1,000,000!

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