Everything You Need to Know About VIP Status and a High Roller

Stu Ungar is perhaps the most famous high roller. Casinos around the world knew who this famed poker player was and anticipated his seat on their green felt. Unfortunately, Stu went from having everything to pushing his luck on a horse race. Still today, gamblers aspire to be the next Ungar, of course without the dramatic fall. Being a high roller is not only about status, it’s about having the skill and confidence to play large amounts of money and win. That being said, this door is not open to everyone. Your bankroll must be funded with enough cash to access the virtual elite room where the high roller games are. Once your foot is in the door, it will be up to you to stay on the up and up. Making the right decisions at the right time; if you can do this, you won’t only be a high roller, but you’ll become an exclusive VIP member. This is when the good gets going! If you want to be known as an online slots high roller, you need to understand how to make this happen.

Are You a High Roller?

A high roller, also called a VIP player or in slang terms a whale, is someone who bets large amounts of money on casino games. Slots are a high roller favourite because they have some of the biggest progressive jackpots available. The high roller is very much desired by all land based casinos because they bring in the dough. When it takes C$20,000-$30,000 to get in on the action, you can guarantee you’ll be showered with a lot of praise, gifts and rewards. Online high rollers don’t need nearly as much money. If you can afford to place a single spin of C$500-$1000, you can call yourself a high roller, or in this case a “high spinner”.

When you’re a high roller, you can expect to garner all sorts of rewards.

What are High Roller Slots?

If you’re not sure what high roller slots are, don’t worry, they’re pretty straight forward. These slots offer larger wagers for every spin. Some of these games will also have low wagers for the average player, and some come with high minimum bets. Many online casinos’ slots games will also feature massive, seven or eight digit progressive jackpots. Land one of these and your returns could turn you into a millionaire in a split second; of course, you have to be very lucky. In general, you’re considered a high roller slots player when you bet more than C$100 on any given single spin.

Best High Roller Slots Casinos

High Roller Slots

A lot of money is involved in high roller games. Playing at any random casino online would not be a good idea. The last thing you want to happen is end up dry and cold with a huge unrecoverable loss because you’ve played at a rogue site. Before you start playing online slots as a high roller, you need to have found the very best operator. What makes a renowned high roller slots slot, you ask? For starters, these casinos will have:

A leading high roller site will also be licensed and certified in the most respected jurisdictions. They will be audited by third parties for trust and fairness, and finally will have an outstanding performance record.

A Bigger High Roller Slots Bonus

Once you've been inducted into the high roller club, you'll get access to many bigger slots bonuses. We're talking into the thousands of dollars. While the average player is getting C$150 to C$250 extra real cash added to their bankroll on a match deposit bonus, slots high rollers may get upwards of C$4000 to play with. Notice the difference.

Access the Most Exclusive Slots Casino Rewards

Slots Casino Rewards

When you’re a high roller, you can expect to garner all sorts of rewards. Land based casinos will give you free limo rides and hotel upgrades; online casinos give you more. Canada’s high roller slots players can expect to be provided with:

Be a VIP Slots Player Anywhere

This is when the good gets going!

You don’t have to go to Vegas or Macau to be a high roller. In fact, you don’t even need to stay at home. Not that there’s anything wrong with kicking back in your comfiest chair to play online slots, but now you can play on the go. High roller slots casinos are accessible on a smartphone or tablet. You’ll need a mobile that can access the internet, has a decent CPU and at the very minimum 1 GB of memory. Download the app, if available, or open your favourite online slots casino in your browser to start making the best high roller wagers.

Is High Limit Slot Play Worth It?

High Limit Slot

High limit slots are not for everyone. Some players will tell you to avoid them, and others will say they’re the only slots worth your time. In reality, it’s a matter of opinion. Winning can be a tremendous feeling, but losing can be a devastating blow especially if you really could not afford to lose that bet. More importantly, if you can’t afford to lose, stick with the smaller slots wagers. You can still win big on those.

You still stand a chance at losing on any high limit slot game; your odds have not increased. The difference is that when you spin the lucky combination, you can win a whole lot more. Once you get on a roll, you’ll be able to access more rewards and bonuses. This means your bankroll is excitingly big and you’ll be able to afford those high roller bets. You will need to gamble responsible and quit while you’re ahead to be a true, long lasting high roller. Finally, always have an understanding of the game no matter how easy you think it is.

Look No Further for the Top Slots Casinos’ High Roller Games

If you’re looking for the most exclusive VIP clubs and the very best high roller slots games, we’ve got you covered. Our in-depth review of online slots casinos has given us an up close and personal take on the most popular sites. We’ve tried and tested the customer support, security and payment options. The games have been played and high wager bets have been made to ensure the casino lives up to its reputation. After all, we only want the best for our readers. The sites you find on this page accept Canada’s high rollers, offer incredible VIP bonuses and are ready to give you access to real money entertainment.


There is a fine line between a one-time high roller and a VIP member. If you’re not sure how the casinos’ VIP status works, this FAQ should give you a general idea.

How long will it take me to become a VIP online slots player?

Some online casinos give you the title of VIP slots player as soon as you make a very large deposit. Others will require you to show that you’re a serious high roller and not just having a “one off” time. If the slots site takes this approach, you may have to make several deposits before being moved into the VIP club. Players often prefer this because it is more respectable and truly shows that everyone within this elite circle is a real high roller.

If I am a high roller, am I instantly a VIP player too?

Not always. You may have to show the casino you’re serious by making a few large deposits and high wager slots bets first. Just because you make wager of $500 on a single spin does not automatically entitle you to VIP privileges. At that point, you’re gambling with high wager bets, but you need to be consistent.

How do the VIP levels work?

Some casinos will have various VIP levels similar to the regular loyalty clubs. While each operator is different, you may find that you have to make so many deposits before moving up to a premium VIP level. Likewise, the number of high roller slot spins or bets you make could have an impact on your current status.

Once I’m a VIP, am I always a VIP?

No, most online slots operators reserve the right to decrease your VIP status if you are not staying active on the site. You are expected to continue playing with big money and making large bets. If you continue to do your part, the casino will ensure you rewards are always better than before.

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