A Complete Breakdown of the Best Online Slots Bonuses

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you like extra cash or you’re at least curious about slots casino bonuses. We completely understand, and like you, the opportunity to win more is hard to pass by without knowing a little more information. You’re in the right place. Not only will you discover everything you should know about online slots’ bonuses, we’ll also show you where you can collect the best ones. It’s literally a win-win, and if luck is on your side, you can go ahead and add a third ‘win’! Sounds pretty nice, right?

Why Bonuses are Offered?

Finding the best online slots bonus is a priority for many gamblers. Often, when looking for the right casino operator, the bonus is a deal breaker. These companies know this and work fervently to offer a bonus you simply cannot surpass. If you’re wondering why, it’s a simple business tactic. Like land based casinos offer free buffets or rooms to attract players, online casinos offer bonuses. In a digital world where there are literally thousands of competitors and a few hundred really good ones, the bonus is used to gain loyal customers. The overhead costs are far lower than those of a land based casino which is why real money can be laid on the table.

Every bonus is different; even when the amount is the same as another site, the fine print will vary. This is the core reason why you need to find the best online slots casino bonus. Like wine and caviar, some bonuses stand out more than others do.

Like wine and caviar, some bonuses stand out more than others do.
Online Slots Bonuses

You’ll discover a wide range of different casino bonuses. Each one will come with varying options and requirements. Although we’ve covered the main details you should know, it’s always a good idea to read through the terms and conditions on the site itself.

The Sign Up Bonus – Also known as the ‘Welcome Bonus’, this is by far the best bonus for online slots. If played correctly, you can receive thousands of extra dollars from this one time only bonus. That’s right, this offer is only available immediately after you register for an account and make a deposit. If you choose not to collect it at that time, you won’t have a second chance for that very bonus. Some sites will add the bonus money in full to your account, but most will offer it in installments. For every deposit you make, a portion of the bonus will be given to you. Before you choose one of our recommended slots operators, there are some attached strings to know about. You will need to make the playthrough requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. This is very easy and we’ll discuss more in just a moment.

The No-Deposit Bonus – You’ll find a number of operators which give you the chance to test the waters before you add real money to your account. Known as a no-deposit bonus, you simply need to sign up for an account and play your favourite slot games. You can start adding cash to your bankroll from lucky spins, but you may not be able to withdraw it. Some casinos only allow this money to be played on the site. Others will let you withdraw it after you’ve met the deposit requirements. Read the fine print before you agree to the terms.

Slots Deposit Bonuses – Once you find the perfect site, you’ll be rewarded with regular bonuses each time you make a deposit. These are typically a percentage of your deposit and are very valuable. As a golden rule, always sign up to the casino’s newsletter. These often contain weekly deposit incentives and other opt-in only promotions.

Free Play Bonuses – You won’t find these bonuses on every site, but they are around. They will give you a small amount of money to play slots online without making a deposit. The difference between free play and no deposit bonuses is that usually the former is offered only for select games. In addition, you may have a time limit or specified amount of playing. Once these limits run out, you will be asked to add real cash to your bankroll. Read over the terms and conditions to verify whether or not winnings from the free play are able to be withdrawn.

Refer a Friend Bonus – As it sounds if you refer a friend to your favourite slots online casino, and they sign up, you will be given a special bonus. These can be very lucrative and add up quickly. Plus, you’ll be able to play the best real money games with your buddies.

Finding the best online slots bonus is a priority for many gamblers.

The Pros and Cons to Collecting a Bonus

As exciting as it can be to collect free money to do something you really enjoy, there are factors to consider. To help you make an informed decision, consider the following pros and cons:


  • You get more money to spin and win
  • You’ll be playing games anyways
  • A bonus lets you play higher stake games
  • The more you play, the more loyalty points you can receive


  • You must meet the playthrough requirements
  • Not all games, especially tables, are eligible
  • Welcome bonuses do expire
  • Some bonuses cannot be withdrawn

The Biggest Bonus is Not Always the Best

All too often, a slots casino-goer becomes distracted by the amount of the bonus and chooses the bigger one over a secondary option which is actually better. In general, larger bonuses have the most stringent requirements. Some are so high that if you’re not a frequent player or planning on spending a lot of money, you will struggle to meet the playthrough requirements. The smaller bonuses can actually pan out in the long run. The requirements are easy to clear meaning you actually get your value for money.

FAQ for Online Slots Bonuses

The following are the most frequently asked questions about online slots bonuses.

What are playthrough requirements?

Every bonus will come with playthrough requirements which are laid out in the terms and conditions. These greatly vary from one operator to another and range from 10x to 60x or more of the bonus plus your deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and you need to meet a 20x playthrough on a 100% match deposit, you will need wager $2000 total. At first it may sound like a lot, but the chances of you breaking even or winning your money back with the bonus are rather good. If this wasn’t attainable, no player would ever take advantage of the bonus and would eventually cease to exist.

Are there stake limits?

Some casinos will implement stake limits on a bonus. This is often for games geared towards high rollers or for high limit bets. When playing online slots, you shouldn’t encounter any issues preventing you from making average wagers with a bonus.

Can I play progressive jackpots with a bonus?

Most sites will let you play progressive jackpots with a bonus. If an operator does not allow this, they will state this rule in their terms. Generally, as long as you’re meeting your playthrough requirements, you won’t have a problem.

We’ve Found the Best Online Casinos’ Slots Bonuses

Best Slots Bonuses

Now that you are equipped with all the important information about slots bonuses, you can dive into the spinning action. What will it be? Classic fruit slots, 3 reel slots or perhaps the ever evolving 5 reel slots packed with mini games, free spins and HD graphics; all of these options are waiting.

Our team of slots casino reviewers have tried and tested the most renowned operators that accept Canadians. You’ll enjoy the most comprehensive selection of slots and table games, top of the line security and state of the art software. Making a deposit is fast and easy. As soon as you do, you’ll unlock the potential to collect the very best online slots bonus. Sign up for your free account now. Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

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