The Best Facebook Slots 2017 – Slot Machine Apps

Facebook slot apps

Twenty years ago, you could play slots at the nearest casino. Ten years ago, you could play slots online. Five years ago, you could whip out your mobile device and play slots on it. Today, you can play slots on Facebook. What a time to be alive!

Slot machine games have become incredibly accessible nowadays.

This should not be much of a surprise, given how popular slots are at both traditional casinos and online casinos. However, the popularity of slots comes with a price.

The gaming market is oversaturated with slots, slots, and more slots. Some players may see this as a great thing (variety is the spice of life, after all), but in reality it’s not something a slots junkie should hope for.


The majority of the slots available online and at brick-and-mortar casinos are mediocre. A player in the quest of a great slot game has to wade through tons of average (and some downright bad) slot machines in order to find it.

You would be more likely to find good slot games at a land-based casino than you would online. When it comes to playing slots online, the possibilities are endless. There are thousands and thousands of slot games, themes, and variations to choose from, and it can get overwhelming.

You can narrow down your options simply by opting to play slots on Facebook.

However, you still have to decide between hundreds of online Facebook slot machine apps.

Luckily for you, we rounded up the top five slot machine apps available on Facebook.

1. 3D Slots

Facebook slot apps

When you use this app to play slots, you get to appreciate several perks, including a 50,000-coin weekend bonus that’s given out to every single player every Saturday, rich graphics, and 24 different themed slots you can choose from. Such themes include Las Vegas, Roman times, and fairy tales.

However, note that, like any other Facebook slot machine app, 3D Slots is free to play (read: no real money), but you can purchase additional coins with real money. Of course, if you wish to play real money slots online, you can venture over to an online casino and play with real money. Also, an online casino usually has more than 24 slots, so if you appreciate some variety in slots, you might be better off playing at an online casino instead of on Facebook.

2. Lucky Slots

Facebook slot apps

A popular Facebook slot machine app, Lucky Slots has at least 1 million users. Of course, it is a free app with free games (as Facebook prohibits real money slots). The more you play at Lucky Slots, the more perks you will get to enjoy. For example, for every day you are active on Lucky Slots, you are awarded free chips to play with. You can also unlock more slot machines by playing a certain amount of slots. Also, bonus games are added on a regular basis, and you can play them for extra chips and prizes. Lucky Slots is not just any ol’ Facebook slot machine app; it’s an actual game that can challenge you and push you to move up levels.

You can also enjoy Lucky Slots on your mobile device, as the app is also designed for mobile platforms. It comes with ads, but you can easily get rid of them by making real money purchases within the game. If you enjoy fun and unique slot themes, then Lucky Slots is the place to be. This app has one-of-a-kind slot machines created by their very own developers. This offers a nice and refreshing experience compared to that of a typical online casino, which usually offers standard games found at any other online casino that runs the same gaming software.

3. Slotomania

Facebook slot apps

Slotomania started out as a Facebook slot machine app, but it is growing rapidly and has surpassed the Facebook platform. It offers many different cool perks, including surprise gifts, free coins, bonus games, and Facebook contests (with prizes, usually free coins, spins, or gifts). You can also choose from many different themed slots, including Deep Seek, Elvis, Elephant Party, and Down Under.

Due to its rapidly growing popularity, the bigwigs over at Slotomania decided to bring the app to the next level, which means creating a mobile platform (and soon a mobile app) for its smartphone and tablet players. They also created a website ( where people can skip Facebook altogether and play right on their website.

4. Slots Farm

Facebook slot apps

Slots Farm offers a pretty interesting twist on the classic game of slots. Instead of just pressing the “spin” button, you have the option of growing crops and being rewarded when your crops have matured. Not only that, but you can also take care of eggs until they hatch (and be rewarded for it). The best way to describe this unique app is “FarmVille meets slots”. Okay, since you came here to read up on slots, let’s cover the games and what you can get from playing them.

Slots Farm offers many different farm themed slot machines that dole out bonuses, free coins, and free gifts. You can also participate in tournaments and/or live championship with big prize pools. There are so many different things you can do at Slots Farm.

5. Zynga Hit It Rich! Slots

Facebook slot apps

Yes, the social media gaming giant Zynga has its own slot machine app. Called Hit It Rich!, the app offers various themes, such as New York Minute, Wizard of Oz, Ted, Sex and the City, Duck Dynasty, and Terminator. The graphics are rich, the games are a-plenty, and you can benefit from a 5,000-coin welcome bonus available to all new players. There are also small and big jackpots, free bonus spins, free coins, and occasional contests and giveaways on Facebook.

This is actually one of the most popular slot machine apps available on Facebook. It won the Best New Facebook Game of 2013 award, and it currently has the highest number of active daily and monthly users. If you wish to go mobile, you can definitely do that. The game can be played on an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android phone. It is also available as an app at Amazon.

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